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What C.A.W.E.S

does for animals

Feed, Trap and Alter Feral Cats

Our goal is to find a home for every abandoned or feral cat on the island.  We humanely trap cats that are frequent visitors to our feeding stations, attempt to identify them and return them to their home where possible.  If the cat is deemed too feral to adapt to a home life CAWES will ensure it is spayed or neutered and returned to the area it was caught.  This way we can continue to provide food and shelter for the cat.

Newt in the bush.jpg

Help With Wildlife

CAWES captures and transports injured wildlife to the appropriate Wildlife Rescue/Rehabilitation Organization.


Assist Island Residents With Veterinary Costs 

Everyone needs a little help some time.  CAWES will arrange for both emergency and non emergency care of an animal until the animal's family can afford to pay for the service.  We encourage recipients of funds to arrange fundraising campaigns and will also allow for a payment plan.

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