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The CAWES Team

Beyond Animal Lovers

Kim Sinclair


Executive Director

Kim has lived on Bowen Island since 1996 and was part of the initial setup of CAWES in the year 2000.  Kim went on to do other things and has worked alongside the BCSPCA, Pacific Assistance Dogs and BC Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Kim is back with CAWES now and took on the role of Executive Director in August 2020.

Deborah Merrin



Martin Beckett


Board Member

Martin is a PhD scientist with international commercial and academic R&D experience in the development of advanced software and instrument systems.  His invaluable knowledge and willingness to be involved in all things technical is a very welcome addition  to the CAWES board.  

Melissa Crenshaw

Ellen Keiser



Melissa Crenshaw has been a Bowen resident for 35 years. She and various cats and dogs have shared a little house in Eagle Cliff, one of the few remaining old school residences. Melissa has served on many community Boards over the years. She is semi retired and continues to work on contract in the field of optical holography.

Jlonka Bally-Brown


Carol Mcnaughton


Board Member

Carol is a retired graphic arts co-ordinator and an avid artist who paints wildlife and scenery in and around Bowen Island.  Carol shares her home with her two beautiful Korat cats that are now 18 years of age and still going strong.  Carol has been involved with CAWES for over 20 years and is an invaluable asset to the organization.  She spends many hours working at CAWES designing our posters and print media.  

Ellen Keiser


Board Member

Ellen is a French teacher in West Vancouver and has been involved in animal rescue for over a decade. She has worked on numerous teams for multiple cat rescue groups over the years. As a result, her knowledge and experience with raising kittens and trapping cats for spay/neuter programs is an invaluable asset to the CAWES board.

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