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$250.00 Lifetime Family Membership

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Children in the “family” group membership receive all the goodies from the Kid’s Club


Membership includes membership card and voting rights at AGM.


Members also receive regular updates on CAWES and worldwide animal issues. Not just the bad news – good news stories too. We bring the world events concerning animals to you in your INBOX.

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1 x kid: $ 20.00 One year Membership

1 x kid: $125.00 Lifetime Membership


2 x kids: $ 35.00 One year Membership

2 x kids $200.00 Lifetime Membership


At CAWES we believe in getting kids involved in responsible, compassionate animal stewardship as young as we possibly can. A kinder world can evolve from teaching the next generation how to live, work and love animals in every way, every day.


Kids Club members get regular online updates on critical worldwide events that include animals in need as well as the good news stories that evolve. We encourage them to fundraise for animal protection and get involved. CAWES will gladly help kids publicize their fundraising campaigns and where possible be involved with set up and execution.